Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another pencil sketch: coffee table

A sketched view of our living room coffee table on a typical Sunday afternoon. Trying to keep my hand in drawing but being pulled in work/business directions that are taking my creative energy elsewhere. Looking forward to getting back into it soon. (I still dream of colors.)
These last two drawing show me the importance of using both hard and soft leaded pencils. I attribute the lack of depth and contrast to the fact that they were drawn with a 6H pencil only: my pencil of choice on the job-site and the implement closest at hand-in my pocket always. (Yes, I see that I am as guilty as the next person in blaming my tools.)


A.Decker said...

I think you've communicated the space very well. And in all fairness, it's not really even possible to get a wide enough range of values for a sense of depth with a 6H. I think you did really well with the tool you had.

Leovi said...

Me gusta este boceto, excelentes trazos.

Leovi said...

I like this sketch, fine lines.

Prabha Narayanan said...

Love your sketches! Like you, even i wish the sketches happen more often :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog with your kind words.

You can see my recent scribbles at If you want, you can also join Pencil Jam and share sketches online. Happy drawing!